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May 9, 2019

Skill: 10:00min HS Skills or RC

Hand Stand Push Up (Work Strict or Deficit) Or Hand Stand Walk (Try for 25ft UB)

Rope Climb- 3 Pulls for Max Height

WOD: W/ Vest

2- Mile Run Time Trial

Score: Mile 1 and Total Time

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May 8, 2019

Strength: Every 2:30 10/8- Cal ski + Thruster Set 6-4-2-4-6 Build to a heavy double then back down. You can use different weights on the way back down. WOD: 18min cap 3 Rounds for Time 24- Pullups 12

May 7, 2019

30 Min AMRAP "McGhee" 5- Deadlift 275/185 13- Pushups** 9- Box Jumps 24/20


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